Get it written! – writing a sequel

What’s harder than writing your first book? Writing your second. Urgh. Seriously. You’d think writing a sequel would be so simple. You’ve already got the characters, set up the universe, worked out the plot arc. Really, what’s there left to do except put fingers to the keyboard and type? With a deadline looming on the […]

Take a risk or play it safe?

I’m currently in the throws of revising my YA novel, CRAVING, and I reached a crossroads with it last night. It came down to this choice: Take a risk or play it safe? I’m usually a ‘play it safe’ kinda gal, but this time the obvious, safe choice didn’t seem like the right one. I […]

Step away from your manuscript

I know it’s hard, but put your MS away. Do it. Do it now. And don’t look at it again for at least two weeks. You’ll be grateful that you did.


‘Scooby-Doo’ refers to a moment that is ‘larger than life’, and isn’t believable in the realms of the universe you’ve created in your novel.