Where’s Black City? – Photo challenge

I’m still buzzing with excitement, after BLACK CITY’s launch yesterday. I can’t believe it’s finally out in the wild!!! Dream. Come. True.

However, as I’m UK based, I won’t have a chance to see Black City in stores until I go over to the US in February, for the Breathless Reads tour.  But I can’t wait that long!!! So I thought the next best thing would be some photos. Which brings me to…


Fancy winning some BLACK CITY and PHOENIX swag?  Well, here’s how:

1) Go to your local bookstore, library or supermarket

2) Find BLACK CITY on the bookshelves/display table/end shelf/wherever, and take a photo like the one above

3) Send the photo to me, letting me know where the picture was taken (name of store and city).

Everyone who sends a photo will receive some swag! Simple, huh?

************************* UPDATE ************************

Hey guys! Thanks to everyone who has taken part in the challenge so far, the response has been AMAZING! So much so, that I’ve almost run out of swag! As such, I’m going to have to close the contest now on Saturday, 1 December. I will run another contest for PHOENIX, so if you miss out this time, don’t worry – there will be another chance to play in June.



You can send the photo to me via Twitter (@theredpenofdoom), email it to me, or post the photo on my Facebook wall (facebook.com/OfficialElizabethRichards).

If you email me, then include your address in the body of the email. If you Tweet or FB me, then for privacy reasons don’t include your address! I’ll get back in touch with you to get your address via email.

[Thanks Jessica Khoury for the main photo]



  1. This is awesome!! Thanks so much for doing this! 😀

  2. Create narrative with your photographs. They need to be able to express and tell a story to the viewer. This can be entirely dependent on what you decide to shoot, but do your best to express a story behind whatever it is. You need to especially make sure that this happens when you have people as subjects.

  3. Congratulations on your début! Loved every page and am really looking forward to finding out how the story continues 😀

  4. i have been trying to click the email me link but it won’t load. i have the pic!!! =D

    • Elizabeth Richards says:

      Hiya! Sorry about the dud email link – I received your pix via Twitter, so I’ll get that uploaded to my FB page later today! Thanks for participating in the Black City Photo Challenge 😀 If you DM or email your address to me at efr(at)officialelizabethrichards(dot)com then I’ll get some signed swag popped in the mail for you.

  5. I just found out about this book on a Teaser Tuesday post. sorry I missed the contest, but I’ll definitely be picking it up. Glad I found your site. 🙂


  6. Oh! I just realized it said December first. ( I was thinking Nov) haha. Maybe I can still make it. Fingers crossed. 🙂

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