The Secret Circle

I’ve always been a massive fan of supernatural dramas, so when I saw the Secret Circle being advertised on TV, it’s fair to say I was a smidge excited. Anything that had both witches AND Thomas Dekker in it surely had to be full of win? Mmm…

I’ve just been flicking down my Sky+ menu trying to find something to watch that isn’t a cake program (which isn’t easy. I’m obsessed! Cake Boss, Ace of Cakes, Fabulous Cakes, Choccywoccydoodah, Cupcake Wars… you name it, I watch it all with gooey-eyed gluttonous glee) , and I paused on Secret Circle.

Rather than my usual ‘Squeee, I’ll watch that tonight with hubbie’ reaction I get with programs like True Blood or Vampire Diaries, I was half tempted to ‘accidentally’ delete it so we could both be spared another resigned conversation along the lines of ‘Maybe we should give it another go? It might be better this week’.

I honestly don’t know why I keep watching it. I guess I’m hoping it’ll get better. I guess I’m hoping Thomas Dekker will finally get his bleedin’ shirt off. But I think I’ve reached my limit with it now. Which is such a shame, as all the elements are there to be an amazing drama, it’s just missing one vital ingredient:




  1. I know everybody likes the Vampire Diaries, but that’s pretty much how I felt when I watch it. I just never got into it.

    Secret Circle does sound like something I might enjoy, but I just have a feeling that won’t be the case and am holding off watching it for now.

  2. I have a weakness for these Gossip Girls with supernatural elements dramas. I watch the Secret Circle, too. And, while it’s nowhere near as surprising or interesting as Vamp Diaries, I still watch in the hope that something interesting might happen.

    I’m a sucker for it.

    I can’t help it.

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