Debut Details #2 – Interview by R.L. Smith

Oh my days, two interviews in one week? I feel like a celebrity! 

Check out my interview on R.L. Smith’s blog, YA author of paranormal romance books about kissing and centaurs.

We discuss the writing process, getting published, my inspiration for BLACK CITY, what it’s like being a twin and my favourite volcano (yes, really).



  1. Great interview! We have the interest in volcanoes in common. I was born in Montserrat, which you’ve probably heard of since it’s a British territory. Maybe Soufrière Hills volcano could be one of your 10. I’ve wandered Plymouth countless times and even been on helicopter flights over it. Here are the videos my dad filmed of the first flight in 1995. Plymouth is unrecognisable now. Everything that was green and a lot of buildings that were still standing are buried under ash, which you can see in this video that someone else filmed this year.

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