Introducing Mrs Richards

YAY! After 12 happy years together, I finally decided to make an honest man of my ol’ fella and we got hitched last month! SQUEEEEEEE! It was a perfect day, and we couldn’t be happier.

Anyway, please excuse the long period of silence, but as you can imagine I’ve been busy plucking confetti out of my hair and doing other wedding things. But now it’s back to business!

Anyhoo, in honour of my new married status, I will now be going by the name of Elizabeth Richards, which will also be my new author name.

Speaking of which, I have some very exciting news to announce after Labor Day (5 September), so watch this space! It’s BIG news, and I’m so, so, so thrilled! So come back soon.

Until then, have a great Bank Holiday peeps!



  1. I wonder what that good news is. I think it’s probably every author’s dream.

    I found you through Ayesha Pande’s website. I was researching agents and reading about her clients.

    Great blog.
    Book sounds wonderful.
    And congrats on your marriage!

    I’ll make sure to check back for your news!

    • bertiebeans says:

      Thanks Ron! There should be an announcement happening this afternoon, all going well *fingers crossed*

      Ayesha’s absolutely amazing, so if you’re looking for representation I would highly recommend querying her! She’s the best!

      • Thanks. I queried her this morning after much neurotic obsessing. I re-read my query and sample pages about a thousand times. I’m sure you can relate to that. I write YA and MG. I queried her on a paranormal YA.

        Fingers crossed!

      • Elizabeth Richards says:

        Best of luck! Hope to see your book on the shelves one day soon 🙂

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