Things to distract you when your book is on sub…

When I announced to my writer chums that my book was about to go on sub, they all sucked in their breaths, shook their heads knowingly and went “Oooh, the waiting will drive you mad.”

Yeah right! I thought. I’ve got a wedding in 6 weeks, I doubt it’ll be on my mind at all. And really, it’s not.

*refreshes email*

See? I’m not obsessed about seeing if anyone’s got back to me yet…

*refreshes email*

Not at all. Seriously, I’m barely thinking about it.

*refresh, refresh, refresh*

Gah! Okay. I’m going bonkers. I need a distraction!

You’d think my impending nuptuals would offer all the distraction a girl could need, but alas there aren’t enough sugared almonds in the world to keep my mind off being on sub. So earlier today I tweeted a plea out to my fellow writers for advice, and their resounding response was ‘WRITE’!

Yep. Write. Start a new book. Do what it is I love to do. Begin a new adventure, fall in love with new characters and generally get lost in that fantasy world. So that’s exactly what I’m doing. I’ve being toying with a new YA fantasy idea for months, and now I finally have the excuse to dust off my notes and start seriously thinking about it.


If this is what being on sub is like, then you know what? It’s not too shabby…

*refreshes email*


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