And the winner is…

Me! Yay! I’m not normally one to blow my own trumpet, but I’m really pleased that I won Chanelle Gray’s Twitter Pitch contest. First prize: a critique of my first three chapters by Michael Carr from Veritas Literary *happy dance*. I’m always keen to learn how to improve my writing, so this will be incredibly useful!

Gosh, it’s been a while since I did a post so here’s a quick catch up. I’m currently querying my YA novel Craving, which is keeping me busy, busy, busy (not to mention I’m getting repetitive strain injury from hitting the email ‘refresh’ button every 10 seconds).

I’m plotting out my new novel, an upper MG book which I’ll reveal more about later this year, and I’ve started a new blog with fellow authors Tracy Buchanan (author of the amaze-balls urban fantasy Sternenwandler – buy it now, seriously it’s fantastic), Angie ‘Knives’ Cranfield and Robyn Bateman. I’ll post a linky to it once we’ve actually put some content up! But it’ll feature useful hints and tips we’ve picked up over the years, general musings and hopefully short stories and interviews as well.

But the biggest news is I’m getting married in July! YAY! So obviously I’m in full bridezilla mode right now, planning my dream wedding to my dream man. So I apologise for my radio silence, but it turns out planning a wedding is insanely hard work! Starting to wish I had a fairy godmother.

Anyway, I promise to be a better blogger and post more regularly. Until then, peace out.



  1. Congratulations, you clever girl!!! *sprinkles happy dust all over Bertie* x

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