Attention seeking girls

Me and my chumettes went to see Eclipse last night (*squeeeee EDWARD!* etc etc) and inbetween ogling Taylor’s ridiculously ripped body and R-Patz’s ‘just been shagged’ hair I got to thinking about how much of an attention-magnet Ms Swan really is.

Not that it’s intentional mind, Bella does make a point of stating she hates being the centre of attention ALL THE FREAKING TIME (although me thinks the lady doth protest too much). But look at the facts: she has Edward and Jacob fighting for her; she has all the Cullens and the wolf-pack risking their lives to protect her; she’s got Victoria and the new born army after her AND the Volturi want to ‘collect her’. She just can’t help it, everyone wants a piece of Bella Swan. The girl’s like catnip.

And the more I thought about it, the more I realised this was a running theme in all my favourite YA paranormal romances – Aislinn in Wicked Lovely, Nora in Hush Hush, Deirdre in Lament etc – these so-called ‘normal’ girls who suddenly find themselves thrust into the limelight because of some magical power/gift/stinky blood they never realised they possessed, and now everybody wants to kill them or jump into their knickers, or sometimes both.

I guess it’s not that surprising. What teenage girl doesn’t secretly dream about being special? To have something unique about her that has nothing to do with her looks but ‘what’s inside’, and makes impossibly beautiful, glittery skinned boys fall at her feet?

I suppose that’s what makes these books so popular. The heroines are rarely ‘beautiful’ (who can relate to that?), but instead they’re ordinary girls who can do extraordinary things, and finally the world notices. What girl doesn’t want that?


  1. Very true, I don’t think I’ve read any dark fantasy/paranormal romance – YA or otherwise – where the heroine gets the obscurity she so desperately wants. I don’t mind that they always become the centre of attention, would probably make a lame story if everyone just ignored them, but I wish just once they’d confess that they absolutely love it!!!

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