R-Pattz coming to a theatre near you soon…?

Squeeeeeee! Could it be? According to Yahoo news Twilight star Robert Pattinson is looking to tread the boards!

In an interview, the actor said he envied Daniel Radcliffe’s “stints on stage”, and is now believed to be looking for theatre roles. Yay!  If he’s anywhere near as good as DR was in Equus (and he was am-a-zin’, I saw it twice! Well, one must support the arts…*cough*), then that’s going to be worth watching. And if not? Meh, who cares? He’s Edward Cullen! There’s at least six women I know who’ll be sitting in the front row beside me.

Well, I certainly won’t complain if R-Pattz takes on the role of Alan Strang in Equus…mmmmm…


  1. Yay, naked R Patz – where do I get tickets???

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