Word Up

Hello world!!! I’m finally back in the land of the living after being holed up in my study for the past month, putting the finishing touches to my paranormal fantasy novel CRAVING. I can’t believe it’s actually finished! There’s been blood, sweat and tears but hopefully it’s all been worth it. I’m certainly proud of the finished article, so wish me luck finding an agent!

In other news, my good chum over at RhubarbRuby recently sent me a link to the best tool called Wordle. What it does is generate a ‘tag cloud’ of the words you use the most in your book / website / blog.

I did one for this blog, just to give you an idea:

It’s a great way to find out what the ‘crutch’ words are in your book. These are words you lean on, and appear countless times in your manuscript. Common crutch words are: like, look, glance, eyes, back… you get the idea!

Give it a go and see which words you use the most in your MS. You’ll be surprised!

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  1. Just tried out the wordle thing for my blog, a little alarmed that the word I seem to use most is sound… not what I was expecting in a blog about animation and 3D modelling!!

    Talking of which I’ve done some more of the Craving art work for the banner, its up on the blog if you want a looksy!

    Good luck agent hunting!!

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