Following trends

I was chatting to a writer buddy of mine today and we got on the topic of following trends.

We wondered if it was best to try and catch a trend / predict new ones, or to just write the best book you can and hope it finds a place in the market.

This has been on my mind a lot recently as I’m close to querying my new YA novel CRAVING, a paranormal fantasy (I know, I know! Talk about giving yourself a challenge). It wasn’t my intention to jump on the bandwagon, I just had a story I needed to tell and so I wrote it.

So my friend spoke to her agent about this and she responded by saying that she tries not to look at trends, because ‘by the time books are published the next trend is developing somewhere else’. Her advice is to write ‘great, overwhelming stories that move people in one way or another.’

That’s cheered me up a bit. Here’s hoping other agents agree!

What do you think? Is it just about writing a fantastic book that moves people, or do you still need to catch a trend?


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